Artemis launch – live: NASA delays the moon after the rocket launch is canceled

Artemis launch – live: NASA delays the moon after the rocket launch is canceled

Artemis launch – live: NASA delays the moon after the rocket launch is canceled

<p>NASA canceled the launch of its Artemis-1 mission on Saturday, Sept. 3, with about two and a half hours to go in Cape Canaveral, Florida.</p>
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NASA canceled the launch of its Artemis-1 mission on Saturday, Sept. 3, with about two and a half hours to go in Cape Canaveral, Florida.


NASA has scrapped the second attempt to launch its lunar rocket after it failed to fix a leak, causing its Artemis 1 mission to be rolled back by more than a month.

The space agency planned to launch its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket as part of the Artemis program that hopes to one day return humans to the lunar surface.

But due to technical problems, the launch was delayed again, five days after the first attempt was scrapped.

“A leak occurred on the supply side of the 8-inch quick coupler while attempting to transfer fuel to the rocket,” NASA said, but has yet to provide an update on when a new launch date will be set, although it’s as early as Sunday.

If successful, the spacecraft will launch from Earth and around the Moon, before returning to our planet 42 days later. This time, the Orion’s crew pod is empty, but if this trip is a success, a trip with people on board will come.


NASA will release new launch update next week

The Space Launch System (SLS) and the Orion spacecraft are likely to roll back into the vehicle’s mounting area for what would be “several weeks of work.”

A good update will be given next week, when hopefully a clearer launch schedule has been established.


BREAKING ‘Do not start in this period’

It will take weeks, not days, for NASA to try again.

Today’s hydrogen leaks have proved too serious to resolve in the coming days before the next scheduled launch windows, so it will likely be mid-October before NASA tries again.


NASA could not solve the problem today

NASA’s post-scrub news conference is live, with opening comments showing that so far it has failed to resolve issues.

You can watch it live here:


NASA Press Conference for Artemis Scrubbed Launch Rescheduled to 4:30 PM ET (9:30 PM BST)

NASA says the press conference after the scrub will now take place 30 minutes later than originally planned.


NASA press conference postponed

NASA has postponed the press conference by 10-15 minutes. Hopefully this delay is not indicative of more delays to the launch of SLS. If so, it could spell disaster for some of the other missions that piggyback on the massive rocket.

You can read more about that here:


NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Mission Explained

With the undergrowth of today’s launch, the five-decade wait for the launch of a rocket and craft that can take humans to the moon continues.

While we wait for NASA’s press conference – which will hopefully tell us how much longer we have to wait for launch – here’s a full recap of the Artemis mission courtesy of The independentis Jon Kelvey.


Nasa Artemis launches scrub: ‘We’ll go when it’s ready’

With just over an hour left until NASA’s press conference following the Artemis 1 mission’s second failed launch attempt, here’s everything Bill Nelson had to say about the setback shortly after it was called off.


NASA Confirms Lineup for Artemis 1 Scrub Press Conference

The press conference after the scrub, which is scheduled to begin in just under two hours, will include NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Development and Artemis Mission Manager Mike Sarafin.

NASA says that “additional participants will also be determined”.


NASA chief Bill Nelson praises launch team

NASA administrator Bill Nelson has praised the Artemis-1 launch team in his comments after today’s launch scrub.

“I am very proud of the launch team. They do it right, they do it by the book, they do it professionally, and that’s why we’ve had this extraordinary success over the years,” he says.

“Sometimes we make mistakes, but we try to keep them to a minimum because these are human lives on top of that rocket and I can tell you, if you cling to that rocket, you are very grateful to have such a launch team. who know what they are doing, and they will not let you go until it is time.”


NASA chief warns new launch date for Artemis-1 could be mid-October

When asked when the next launch window for the Artemis 1 mission might open, NASA administrator Bill Nelson declined to commit to a date, though he warned it could be delayed by more than a month.

“The mission management team is meeting this afternoon, they’re going to look at it, they’re going to see if there’s an opportunity now, or will they have to roll back to the vehicle assembly building,” he says. .

“If they decide that’s the case, then it will be an October launch…Although the window opens early [October]I suspect it will look more like the middle [of October].”

This is because there is currently another launch scheduled for early October of a four-member crew to the International Space Station.

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