“House Of The Dragon” Episode 3 Teaser Explained

“House Of The Dragon” Episode 3 Teaser Explained

“House Of The Dragon” Episode 3 Teaser Explained

HBO has released a trailer and some sample images for House of the Dragon Episode 3 – and since half the fun of fandom is analyzing and speculating, let’s do that and get ready for what’s to come. First the trailer:

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Let’s break it down. First we see Rhaenyra running away from Viserys in the Small Council Chamber.

Viserys looks bleak – and older. This is our first indication that we have skipped ahead in time.

Meanwhile, Alicent – now dressed in Targaryen red, indicating that her marriage to Viserys has taken place – has a chat with Otto.

Otto says: ‘The road ahead is uncertain, but the end is clear. Aegon becomes king. He is the king’s firstborn son.’ He is, of course, talking about Alicent’s son with Viserys.

In the following shots, we see a toddler Aegon being handed over to Viserys, while Alicent appears to be pregnant again.

The trio is at some sort of gathering in the woods with a few noble houses.

The Strongs in particular are in attendance as well as… wait for it… the Lannisters!

We get a photo of Rhaenyra looking pretty miserable – she’s clearly not happy with her new stepmother, or the threat to her place as heir that her new brother represents.

In a carriage that appears to be part of the above sequence related to the gathering in the woods (perhaps a hunting party?), Viserys helps Aegon while talking to Rhaenyra.

Viserys tells Rhaenyra, “You’d be with your own kid sooner rather than later” in an apparent effort to comfort her – she doesn’t seem impressed.

We then see Viserys (whose hairline is noticeably thinner) actually yelling at Rhaenyra in response to her saying “I don’t want to get married”.

Viserys says, “Even I am not above tradition and duty, Rhaenyra”. It seems he is trying to convince her to get married and is very frustrated with her resistance.

In the godswood, Alicent is seen begging someone and saying, “In reality, it doesn’t have to be that way”. It’s clearly Rhaenyra who she’s talking to here – from episode 1, the godswood seems to be where they would meet. Alicent seems to be trying to mend their broken relationship.

But we hear Rhaenyra say, “Nobody is here for me” – she clearly feels very isolated, and in the following footage we see her walking away from the camp in the woods on her horse, watched by Ser Criston Cole, who screams after her. .

In a shot that appears to be that night, Rhaenyra is seen on the ground in the woods, seemingly confronted by some sort of animal.

The next part of the trailer switches over and shows us the Crabfeeder, whom we glimpsed in Episode 2. We hear how he dug in for siege at Bloodstone, one of the islands in the Stepstones.

Corlys finally has the fight he wanted. The war for the Stepstones has begun.

We get a shot of a naval battle with a dragon flying in the sky.

We cut short on Viserys attacking something – presumably part of a royal hunt.

Then we’re back to the war scenes.

Viserys stands looking tired in his armor, and behind him we see Vaemond Velaryon, Corlys’ brother, and a teenage Laenor Velaryon – Corlys’ son, whom we saw briefly as a child in Episode 1.

We get pictures of Corlys and Daemon in battle, with the voiceover saying, “We’re losing.”

We even see Daemon being shot by an arrow.

And at that moment a dragon flies in to fuck the enemy! It’s just like before Game of Thrones!

So from the trailer, we know that Episode 3 will feature a small but not insignificant time jump, introducing Aegon, Rhaenyra struggling, and Daemon and Corlys and their allies at war in the Stepstones. We can see even more details in the preview images released by HBO.

There is a recording of Rhaenyre reading while sitting under a tree – this is possible the scene where she talks to Alicent in the gods forest.

Here Rhaenyra and Viserys talk in their camp – probably married – while Otto Hightower watches.

Now for a really exciting shot – we’ve got a Lannister! This is one of the Lannister twins (yes, a different set!) – either Jason or Tyland, presumably the former, who is the eldest and therefore Lord of Casterly Rock. He holds up the spear that we saw Viserys wield in the trailer.

There’s a photo of Jason or Tyland Lannister talking to Rhaenyra – maybe he’s the suitor Viserys pressures his daughter into in the trailer.

Here’s a look at Rhaenyra riding her horse through the royal camp.

And here is Ser Criston Cole accompanying Rhaenyra in the woods.

There is a picture of Viserys and Alicent in front of a bonfire.

Here’s Otto in Viserys’ ear as he always does.

We also have some better shots from the War for the Stepstones – here’s Corlys in action.

And here’s another look at his brother, Vaemond.

Here’s a photo of Vaemond and Corlys having a rather intense conversation.

We also have a better photo of teenage Laenor.

And Laenor and Vaemond flank Daemon.

Finally, we have a shot of Corlys and Vaemond talking about something with Laenor. The blond man with them is Joffrey Lonmouth, a knight very close to Laenor.

All in all, a lot seems to be happening in Episode 3! What are you most looking forward to?

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