iPhone 14 launch: what to expect at Apple’s September 7 event

iPhone 14 launch: what to expect at Apple’s September 7 event

iPhone 14 launch: what to expect at Apple’s September 7 event

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It’s September, which means Labor Day salekids go back to school, pumpkin spice everything and of course, Apple’s Annual Fall Eventwhich will take place on Wednesday 7 September. Industry rumors and Apple’s history of product announcements indicate that this will be a fairly straightforward affair, with reveals for a new iPhone (probably the rumors iPhone 14), a new Apple Watch and maybe an updated pair of AirPods.

Apple will hold the event in person at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, but it will also be streamed online. apples event invitation shows a field of stars and glitter that make up the Apple logo with the tagline ‘Far out’. The personal element could just be a viewing party, similar to what Apple did for the WWDC keynote in June. But if this is a real live event, it would be Apple’s first since 2019. And I expect the iPhone 14 to be the headliner.

Introducing the iPhone 14 Max (or 14 Plus)

There are mountains of rumours about the next iPhone from various insiders, YouTubers and publications. Two of the most respected and reliable rumor generators are Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which are behind most of the insights I’ve gathered here. Kuo believes there will probably be four models of iPhone 14. Unfortunately, the Mini won’t be one of those.

Possible iPhone 14 setup:

Apple could replace the Mini with a non-Pro iPhone with a large screen. That would mean Apple’s lineup will include an iPhone 14 Pro Max and a regular iPhone 14 Max (or 14 Plus). It will be interesting to see what Apple calls it and how much it costs. Having a cheap iPhone with a big screen can prove to be a big hit because it’s no secret that people love big phones.

The iPhone 14 will not get an A16 Bionic chip

Kuo also quotes the possibility that iPhone Pro models gets a new A16 chip and non-Pro models don’t. Instead, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max stick with the A15 Bionic that’s in the iPhone 13 both series and the new SE.

If so, I’m sure Apple will face some opposition, even if the A15 is already ahead of the competition in energy efficiency and performance. This probably won’t be a problem for most people.

But I wonder what the pricing would look like for the iPhone 14 lineup. If the regular iPhone 14 keeps the A15 Bionic chip, could Apple drop the price from $799 to $749, or even $699? And would the larger iPhone 14 Max be $100 more? The pricing options are fascinating and could open up a wider price gap between Pro and non-Pro iPhone models.

Bye, bye. Hello, Display Cutouts

iPhone 14 rumorsincluding one from Gurmanpoint to the notch is replaced through a screen cutout. Most Android phones use perforations in the screen to house a front-facing camera. It’s a sleek-looking compromise that allows for more display space without a gaudy-looking notch.

The next iPhone could have small cutouts for Face ID’s True Depth camera system, possibly one shaped like a pill and another just a regular circle. Like the A16 processor, Apple could limit this new design without a notch to the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. That would leave the iPhone 14 and 14 Max with the smaller notch that debuted on the iPhone 13 series.

The iPhone 14 Pro could get new cameras

Another rumor of Kuo that is particularly exciting is that the iPhone 14 series will get a new selfie camera. The current front-facing camera on the iPhone 13 is OK. But it’s still a big step back in terms of image quality from the main rear camera. It would be great if Apple gave the selfie camera a serious upgrade, especially as video calls have become more the norm.

Kuo also believes the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will get new cameraswith the main camera sensor being upgraded from 12 to 48 megapixels.

There are also murmurs, though it may be more wishful thinking, that Apple is a longer telephoto camera to the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The new zoom would mount sideways into the phone’s body and use a periscope mirror like the Galaxy S22 Ultra. If true, the tagline “Far Out” could be a reference to the 14 Pro telephoto’s longer focal length, presumably allowing you to zoom in closer on a subject that is far away (such as a starry sky).

I must also acknowledge that although Samsung has just released new versions of its foldable devices, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4it is highly unlikely that we will see one foldable iPhone unveiled at this event.

Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Pro and Apple Watch SE

Like the iPhone 14, the next Apple Watch will likely have the . are called Apple Watch Series 8. But rumors, including another from Gurman, point to a brand new model called the Apple Watch Pro or Apple Watch Series 8 Pro. Apparently the internal nickname was the Apple Watch Explorer Edition. The Apple Watch Pro could have a bigger battery, GPS, a more durable build and a larger 2-inch screen.

The new watch could be Apple’s answer to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, as well as Garmin devices. It would be intended for people who use their watch for outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, mountain biking and trail running.

And then there’s the budget-friendly Apple Watch SEwhich, at almost two years old, is ripe for an update.

The Apple Watch has a long history of adopting health monitoring features. According to another rumor from Gurman, the Apple Watch Series 8 could include a temperature sensor and support new fertility planning tools and detect a fever.

AirPods Pro 2 too

The AirPods were launched in 2016 with the iPhone 7. Over the years, Apple has released the AirPods Pro, AirPods Pro Max, and updated versions of the originals. rumors, including those of both Kuo and Gurmanpoint out that the AirPods Pro that are getting a new design have been in circulation for years.

They would be a more discreet, stem-free appearance similar to the Beats Studio Buds. The new pods can also support new fitness features and even lossless audio.

At Apple’s Far Out event, we were able to see four new iPhone 14 models, three new Apple Watch models, and a new version of AirPods Pro. Recent patent applications by Apple for the terms based on the word “reality” have made some people curious as to whether Apple may unveil its rumored AR/VR glasses at the event.

But until Tim Cook and the crew walk across that stage at the Steve Jobs Theater to announce it, none of this is certain. CNET will be following the event from all angles with people on the ground in Apple Park. Stay tuned for our full coverage.

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