Sadiq Khan ‘told Cressida Dick it was the saloon of the last chance’ before her departure

Sadiq Khan ‘told Cressida Dick it was the saloon of the last chance’ before her departure

Sadiq Khan ‘told Cressida Dick it was the saloon of the last chance’ before her departure

London Mayor Sadiq Khan told the former Metropolitan Police chief it was a “last chance saloon” after a police officer was charged with rape days after Wayne Couzens was convicted, according to a new report.

Author Sir Tom Winsor said Mr Khan made the comments at a meeting on 3 October last year with Deputy Mayor Sophie Linden, Dame Cressida Dick and Deputy Commissioner Sir Stephen House.

In his report, published on Friday, Sir Tom said Mr Khan was “particularly concerned”.

Sir Tom Winsor wrote the report, published Friday (Joe Giddens/PA)

(PA wire)

The review read: “The mayor was particularly concerned that the officer had been on the same team as Wayne Couzens, who kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard in early 2021 and was convicted of these crimes in late September.

“There was some discussion about how to handle the situation, both in relation to the media and to the police unit involved.

“At the end of the meeting, the mayor said to the commissioner and the deputy commissioner, ‘This is the last chance saloon. I’m worried about what’s going to happen. You have to throw everything at this.’”

The report, which analyzes the circumstances surrounding Dame Cressida’s sudden departure from the police force in February 2022, was commissioned by Interior Minister Priti Patel.

It outlines the soured relationship between the former chief of police and the mayor in the months leading up to her resignation.

Sir Tom’s conclusion states that due process was not followed around her departure and he found that Dame Cressida “felt intimidated” after an ultimatum from Mr Khan.

Elsewhere in the 116-page report, Sir Tom says:

– After the October 3 meeting, Mr Khan spoke to Ms Patel and said he had previously had confidence in Dame Cressida as head of the Met, but this had now been “shaken”. Ms Patel said she still had faith in her but wanted to continue the conversation

– By January 2022, relations between Mr Khan and Dame Cressida had improved, with the report saying that he “commended the positive work the Metropolitan Police had done” and stated that it was “in the strongest position it has been in since the beginning of his mayorship”

– Following the publication of the IOPC report at Charing Cross Police Station, known as Operation Hotton, Mr Khan and Dame Cressida held a closed meeting on Feb. 2 where he “urged” that all officers involved in the scandal be were, would fire

– When she replied that she would be legally challenged, Mr. Khan said: ‘You are wrong. Your job is to enforce the criminal law. Don’t worry about civil law. Have them assess your JR (legal). The public will support it’

Sadiq Khan, Dame Cressida Dick and Home Secretary Priti Patel (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

(PA archive)

– Mr Khan denies the allegations, saying he did not understand why they were staying in their jobs and that she had to seek outside legal advice

– At the end of the meeting, Mr Khan said to Dame Cressida words to the effect that “one of us will be replaced eventually”

Mr Khan has criticized the review, stating that it is “clearly biased and disregarding the facts” and is expected to hold the Met commissioner accountable and “that is exactly what I did”.

Dame Cressida said: “I’m sorry this report was necessary, but I hope it will help build a healthier foundation for my successors.”

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