Škoda’s new identity focuses on a digital and electric future

Škoda’s new identity focuses on a digital and electric future

Škoda’s new identity focuses on a digital and electric future

The rebranding saw changes to both the symbol and wordmark, while a revamped color palette was introduced.

Škoda has unveiled a new identity, with a 2D symbol and wordmark separated from each other as it prepares for a future as an electric car company.

The Czech car brand, which is owned by Volkswagen, says it has carried out the work under its own management. When the rebranding was first announced in March, CEO Thomas Schäfer confirmed that the new branding would first appear on Škoda’s three new electric models: a successor to the Skoda Superb, a city SUV and a potential all-electric Skoda. Octavia.

Skoda brand design manager Petra Mackeová explains how the winged arrow symbol has been “simplified” and “will now be rendered without 3D graphics”, so that it can be “integrated more flexibly into different formats”. The new “more impactful” 2D brand is part of Škoda’s plan to move towards “even more digitized communication”, she adds.

The Škoda word mark has undergone a more significant change. Mackeová says his new custom typography, called Škoda Pro, is “based on symmetry and a combination of round shapes with edges”. She adds that one of the more challenging aspects was “integrating the caron above the S”, as it represents “an important part of Škoda’s Czech heritage”.

The accent known as the “háček” is now incorporated into the first letter. Škoda’s research found that the new typographic wordmark is “easier to spot and identify,” Mackeová said.

In line with the carmaker’s new digital-first direction, the Škoda word mark and symbol will now be used as separate entities. Mackeová says the typographic logo “will appear on a larger scale than the company’s logo in marketing communications”.

Despite wanting to change and adapt, koda also wanted to “keep a link with history” by improving its green-centered color palette, Mackeová says. She adds: “There are few brands that have the color green as ingrained in their DNA as Škoda.”

She says the two new green hues – Emerald and Electric Green – have been implemented to “refresh the design.” Respondents in Škoda’s surveys “associated these colors with ecology, sustainability and electromobility”, according to Mackeová, adding that “customer opinion played a key role in the new identity”.

The Next Level Škoda Strategy 2030 comprises five dimensions: a new product portfolio of electric cars; updated brand appearance; extensive customer base; investments in digitization and employees; and reduce emissions from its CO2 fleet by 50%.

The new identity is gradually being rolled out across all platforms, starting with communication materials. It will appear on newly launched models from 2024.

Škoda is the last of many automakers to be renamed to reflect a digital and electric strategy. Brands such as Maserati, Volvo, Aston Martin, BMW and Volkswagen have all been rebranded over the past three years.

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