Top 10 innovative accessories for your Apple iPad

Top 10 innovative accessories for your Apple iPad

Top 10 innovative accessories for your Apple iPad

Top 10 innovative accessories for your Apple iPad

My iPad has almost reached the status of a necessity in my life, I’m pretty sure all tablet owners are super dependent on it (I mean I’m sure)! Personally, I find tablets very useful, they are the comfortable middle ground between a smartphone and a laptop, and they perform much the same functions as these two. They’re super easy to carry around, and honestly I could survive it all on my iPad if I really wanted to. I’m always looking for innovative and fun accessories to enhance my tablet (besides the basic accessories Apple offers). Fortunately, there are a whole host of crafty designs that can act as the perfect sidekick for your precious tablet. From an iPad case for fast travel to a tabletop gaming platform that uses an iPad – here’s a collection of super cool and functional product designs that promise to take your iPad game to a whole other level!

1. The Pita Tag

The PITAKA Ecosystem event kicked off with their founder and CEO James Zheng taking the stage and explaining PITAKA’s global vision and how their existing products align with it. Zheng highlighted their ASI (Accompany Small Innovators) program that invites enthusiastic customers and supporters to come on board as advisors and co-innovators and help PITAKA develop new products and experiences. Following on from the PitaFlow lines for the iPhone and iPad, Zheng then debuted their latest collection called the pita tagan accessory set with 3 products that revolves around the AirTag.

2. The Neo Pro

While third-party styluses are almost always sloppy replacements for the Apple Pencil, Adonit seems to have brought out the big guns with the Neo Pro — a stylus that looks as human as possible and functions as close to the Apple Pencil. It glides across the surface of your iPad with the precision and grace you’d expect from Apple’s proprietary hardware, and even snaps onto the side of your iPad to charge magnetically and wirelessly. The Neo Pro is the only stylus that charges wirelessly from the iPad. It also comes with native palm rejection and replaceable nibs, and it even has tilt sensitivity — a feature that was only reserved for the Apple Pencil and Logitech’s Crayon stylus.

3. HyperDrive

HyperDrive is the world’s first-ever form-fitting USB-C hub with six different media ports and a media hotkey. Compact enough to fit in your palm, HyperDrive is small but powerful. Equipped with a 4K60Hz HDMI port, USB-C 5Gbps 60W Power Delivery port, MicroSD UHS-I port, SD UHS-I port, USB-A 5Gbps port and a 3.5mm audio jack , HyperDrive can run all your cables at any time. While you’re all plugged in and working, the built-in hotkey lets you “play, pause, fast-forward, or rewind your favorite songs, videos, or podcasts without interrupting your workflow.”

4. The Rolling Seed

Introducing Rolling Seeds, a handy little game that uses the very latest technology. Rolling Seeds, a mix of word, scrabble, crossword, roulette and a bunch of other games, comes with NFC-based chips that you have to put in the ‘Smart Game Pot’. Roll the seed in and the jar will read the NFC tag and register your move. Everything unfolds on an iPad or Android tablet that fits right into the jar, and the Rolling Seeds app offers a wide variety of numbers, alphabets, and picture-based learning games.

5. The Twelve South StayGo Mini Portable USB-C Hub

Connecting external devices to your iPad has never been easier with the Twelve South StayGo mini portable USB-C hub! The hub offers four ports: USB-C Power, 4K HDMI, USB-A 2.0 and Headphone/Audio. It is the ultimate gadget for the workspace thanks to its sleek and compact shape, as well as its perfectly positioned ports. It snaps onto your iPad, even if it has a protective cover on it. The hub is not only compatible with iPads, but also with MacBooks.

6. The sous board

A clever twist on the name sous chef (or any assistant chef), the sousShelf simply makes life in the kitchen easier. You could watch Netflix while you cook, film a TikTok, or just watch a recipe video while making something special for date night, and the sousShelf will keep everything you need organized and accessible. The built-in tablet/phone stand lets you see things on the screen without holding your device up, and the sousShelf even has a stylus that works with capacitive touchscreens, so you can swipe, tap, type and navigate without leaving fingerprints or food on you. expensive gadget.

7. The HoverBar Duo

In retrospect, you really can’t call the HoverBar Duo an iPad ‘standard’. The multi-joint, incredibly versatile, height/direction adjustable arm can do much more than your conventional stand. In fact, think of it as a mechanical butler that just holds your iPad in front of you at any angle you want, for extended periods of time. More versatile than a stand or tripod, the HoverBar Duo for the iPad and iPhone is better described by the things it’s capable of…and it’s capable of a whole lot!

8. The OMNIA X Series

Designed to be the world’s smallest Apple MFi-certified charging kit, the OMNIA X Series occupies a small footprint and charges phones quickly, eliminating battery issues and charging delays. To help you understand why the OMNIA X Series is such a sensible piece of technology, the OMNIA X Series is designed around the footprint of an outlet, unlike most plugs which are designed around their components. The socket is a standard size and the OMNIA X Series tries to limit its shape and size to that size, resulting in a plug that is small because being small is just a sensible direction to design in.

9. The Twelve South ParcSlope MacBook & iPad Stand

The Twelve South ParcSlope MacBook & iPad Stand holds and supports your device at an 18-degree angle and greatly improves screen visibility. It ensures that you do not have to stretch or strain your neck while working, eliminating most of your neck related problems! You can work longer without putting extreme pressure on your shoulders and back. The stand promotes a healthy posture and takes up minimal space on your desk with its sleek shape!

10. The Pixy Mini

Touted as the most powerful power bank for its size, the Pixy Mini is this pocket-friendly, granola bar-shaped power bank with a capacity of 5,000 mAh and a power delivery of 20 W, allowing it to charge practically any portable gadget you have on hand… even your laptop. What’s so impressive about the Pixy Mini is its deceptively small size. Smaller than a credit card and barely bulkier than a Zippo lighter, the Pixy Mini is designed to be taken anywhere…but not even in your backpack, but in your pocket. Outwardly, it looks like any other power bank, with a USB-A port and a USB-C port on either side and 4 LED indicators that show how much power the Pixy Mini’s battery has.

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